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A taste of British Columbia’s wine culture to take you beyond the guided tour. Wine Country BC provides information about BC’s wine country, from both sides of the tasting bar.

Ever wonder what happens throughout the year between your visits to BC wine country? That’s how I felt, living in Vancouver. Over more than a decade in the Okanagan, I have watched the seasons change with each vintage. I want to share the stories of the people behind this growing industry.







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About Luke Whittall

Luke is a wine industry professional that has specialized in sales and direct to consumer (DTC) since 2009 but has worked in vineyards and wine cellars since 2005. In addition to being a WSET diploma candidate, he has sought to experience as much as the wine industry has to offer. He has planted, tied, and pruned grape vines; harvested, stomped, and punched down grapes; cleaned tanks, barrels, crushers, pumps, and presses; stocked shelves, displays, tables, fridges, and bars.

He created Wine Country BC in 2009 with his brother-in-wine, Aaron Olfert, as a way of offering inside information on touring BC’s wine country and talking about wines that they felt did not get talked about enough.

He has written for BC Food & Wine Trails magazine, Canadian Grapes to Wine, and various websites since 2011. His first book, called Valleys and Vintages: A Taste of BC Wine’s History, will be published by Whitecap Books later in 2018.

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